Spyderco knives and My EDC knives, and Your?

I like knives … men, like a knife like a gun that is very natural. I prefer the knife in the knife, because it is easy to carry, especially the largest selling EDC (Every Day Carrying daily carrying) type. My demand for such a folding knife is smaller and lighter and of better quality.

The country’s industrial mass production Knife brand is very much, in terms of cost, I most like the United States, Colorado Spyderco company’s products. Because of the same good quality, it’s the highest price. In addition it has many unique places, such as
1) Unique circular hole, concise, one-handed surgery is very easy.
2) The thumb press body and the hole together with the hole, cutting more convenient and more force.
3) product design is very creative, as the industry leader.

Of course, if you have money, be sure to see the knife will be hand-made folding knife, the price is at least 300 US dollars, but it is all individual, and each is different. The United States such a knife will be well-known not less than a hundred. They regularly attend the knife show, the exhibition will showcase their new work, usually will be a looting, you have to go early. Of course, there are, but not many, signs of small-scale mass production in the factory. Among them, the United States WH (Henry Henry) is one, each in almost thousands of dollars. Chirs Reeve folding knife slightly cheaper, the lowest price is about 300 US dollars. Compared to the number of industrial mass production, the price is indeed high-end goods, of course, facing a small number of customers.

The first worker of the Spider Folding knife went public in 1981, and now has 27 years of history. More mature product line also developed several generations. The materials for steels and handles are also constantly being updated. Its product features a knife with different material handles and different materials of steel to price the difference to meet the different levels of customer needs. This is the result of a market segmentation of product segments.

Here are some of my favorite few:

1) Delica
This knife has been the No. 1 in sales since the birth of the first generation in 1990. One of the main reasons is the cheap price. Just born when the handle is stainless steel, and later there are FRN and now just out of the G10 handle. Among them the lowest price FRN handle. Slightly higher stainless steel. G10 is the most expensive, because of the full stainless steel lining. Knife material from the beginning of the AUS-6 until today’s VG-10 and ZDP-189. Today’s standard is VG-10. I like the FRN handle, because it is lightweight. G10 I also like, but because of the stainless steel lining, the weight is much larger, go out to carry relatively bad.

This is the fourth generation Delica-4, G10 deciduous green handle with VG-10 steel in production:

It is the biggest difference with the previous generation is to increase the tip angle, looks more subtle, but I feel better than the original look good. Of course, does not affect the use. In addition, the standard FRN handle inside the steel liner, and handle the screws can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The deciduous is all stainless steel lining. FRN version is not, of course, lightweight and cheap. In my opinion, the stainless steel lining seems a bit too heavy. Overall, I prefer the FRN version, because it is more in line with its lightweight.

I love the last two generations of Delica, especially the smooth lines knives, but it is too cutting-edge point of the knife is too small, more scary. Below is a limited edition Delica-3, ATS-34 steel (and VG-10 hardness almost) with a titanium handle.

This is my third generation of VG-10 steel and 4 generations of ZDP steel FRN handle: Appearance can be seen on behalf of the 4th generation handle a little longer, do not buckle 3 sets of screw holes, the tip is tilted down, the angle increases Large, cutting hole diameter increases, increasing the thumb pressure at the striae, the front increased spider laser engraving mark.

2) Calypso Jr. (Caly)
The first generation of Calypso Jr. was born in 1997. Now called Caly-3 third generation. The first generation of handle is resin, with AUS-8 steel. The second generation with FRN handle with VG-10 or ZDP-189 composite steel, and was the first time with ZDP-189. So more worth receiving.

Its blade-type knife and knife-root ten-finger trenches are all more ergonomic designs. The corporate propaganda phrase says it is an extension of your hand. These words are not exaggerated. Your comfort and firmness in your hand are all very good. In the third generation of production standard G10 handle and VG-10 steel. Carbon fiber handle with ZDP-189 steel. Full stainless steel lining. As EDC Knife, more durable than the Delica.

This is the position of the thumb and ten knives:

Hold two fingers in these two slots, the control of the knife how strong a lot.

The figure below is my standard Caly-3. The blade of this series is the sharpest I have ever seen, and must be used with care.

In fact, I prefer the first few versions of the knife lines are more straight, more arc than the third edition now even more lean, although there is no full stainless steel lining, but the benefits are more portable knife. And I also like a small bevel on the back of the knife a couple of times earlier, plus the sharpening surface is better for cutting.

This is my three generations of knives: the top is the first edition, AUS-8 steel, resin handle; The following is my improved second-generation ZDP-189 steel with black FRN handle; Then below is the second generation of limited edition Version of Burgendy purple handle ZDP folder steel knife, the bottom is the production of Caly-3. Still a gray FRN VG10 on the whole.

3) Paramilitary
This paratrooper is one of my favorite knives. Although relatively large figure, but because the knife is relatively short, but also barely for EDC use. It is Military’s smaller shape, using Compression Lock backslash card lock, you can cope with the heavier level of use. But I think there is no full stainless steel lining, how much is a bit weaker. Of course, if there is weight there will be a sharp rise, there is no way for EDC. This is my G-10 handle green leaves plus CPM-D2 steel. This grade of steel contains up to 2.45% of its carbon, second only to 3.0% of the ZDP-189 and is currently one of the hardest steels used in the industry. In the production of S30V steel, is the version of the black G10 handle.

Note that it also has ten fingers on the root of the knife slot, so grip control is quite good, so I also began to like to have this design knife:

4) Lil Temperance
Born in 2001. Its handle is wide, with G10 material, outstanding grip performance. Although the knife is only 3 inches long, but the thickness is the largest spider knife I have ever seen, the feeling in his hand like a diamond, really tough, is the most sturdy spider blade style. If you like this brand, then this knife anyhow. It is also a back card tenon lock, very strong. Personally think that this knife if all stainless steel lining is better.

I have two blades of early 440V (S60V) and later S30V steel. There is also a Mini-Manix 80mm in the same door and its size, the knife is no longer produced, but it is all stainless steel lining, more robust. It should be the most hate material used spider knife, the most suitable heavyweight use.

This is the complete three on spydercollector.nl:

From the size point of view it belongs to the knife, but because the knife is relatively short, so EDC is also very good, but unfortunately this knife is not re-produced. So only collection, not willing to use.

5) Tenacious
2008 new product. Belongs to the large folding knife. The reason why I like it is that it is made in China. It is the first knife made in China by Spyderco and should be proud. Its steel is China’s 8 chromium steel, that is, the carbon content of 0.8%, is also a list of high-carbon steel, but the hardness is not as good as the carbon content of 1% 154CM, VG-10 other high steel. It uses a less commonly used spider blade locker, although no back-tenon strong, but to deal with the normal use certainly no problem.

What I like the most is that it has a flat roof at the thumb press, and the thumb is very steady and comfortable. Manufacturers head cobra head, indeed a very image.

Very good grip:

This knife is a spider knife company knife can be used as a slogan with the application. I personally think that to shorten the length without diminishing the width, some waste of steel. Especially when the knife is short to 3 inches below, in many cases can not be used as a sword. So the spider company later did not have such a design, although the current Dragonfly still follow this concept, but the width has also been reduced.

7) Navigator II
This is also a cut-off knife, but also a knife. His length is a bit smaller than Salsa and its width is much smaller. So the proportion is more symmetrical. As a knife, this is enough. VG-10 knife is a stainless steel handle, heavier. But quite strong. As an EDC, I prefer FRN handles because of lightness. It seems that this knife does not have a lighter handle, so when you hit it, you bought it. This knife is also quite sharp, not worse than Calypso Jr. So be careful.

Do not like it is the end of the handle the end of a short point, no place to put a little finger. Seen on the Internet to sell test-type knife, the end is flat, and should be better than the listed model holding a little better.

Play the fun of the knife there are many. In addition to achieve your cut, cut and feel and meet the eyes, but also can have more creative play. For example, you can change according to their own preferences, or put your favorite blade to a different handle and so on. As in the Spyderco Forum Spiderman forum bit of a shabby transformation of the Lil Temp into a good knife. He worn the broken blade and then re-grinding, the broken handle is also polished flat, and then loaded with a buckle of other knives, became a unique knife of their own:

The figure above the black FRN handle ZDP mezzanine steel Calypso Jr. got the rear axle too loose, unlucky, put the original fixed shaft drill broken down, and then use the drill to extend the shaft hole to After the inch diameter, put a screw shaft, you can easily adjust the elastic. This is a modified screw shaft:

In fact, the most fun way to play, is to make their own knife. The United States has unique conditions in this regard. There are all kinds of small equipment suppliers, all kinds of steel plate suppliers of various thickness, handle plate suppliers, all kinds of screws and axles and so on. In fact, the knife was not complicated manufacturing process, coupled with the material is very convenient, so it is not difficult to do. More importantly, you can make your own favorite knife.

If you want to play collection, you should always pay attention to the previously discontinued knives, especially commemorative models and limited edition knife. So you spend more time and money. At present, a commemorative edition of Delica to 500 US dollars, other limited production of the knife also have a $ 300 up and down. Some time ago I saw someone selling their own collection, all the US-based knives sold for $ 40,000. According to the current 6.7 license to count, it will be 280,000 yuan it. From the collection point of view is not too high. Of course, the average person is to enter a few of his favorite knife just, fun, leisurely tour is also very moist. Just be happy.

Finally, talk about things to pay attention. I think people who prefer Spyderco knives have a common experience that the knife is so sharp that your hands are often cut. Especially if you want to practice a quick one-handed surgery, be sure to be extra careful because the speed is so high that if you hurt yourself or others it’s not a normal one!

U.S. legislation prohibits the quick manipulation of one hand in public because it not only scares the people around you, but more importantly, you have criminal suspicion. So if you want to play cool in public places can not do, even when you are a person very easily injured. So here are warning friends like spiders, safety first! Unfortunately, the two spiders spring knife, law enforcement agencies have to get a certificate.

China seems to be able to lock the knife is a controlled tool. This is a bit like several countries in Britain and northern Europe. However, people are allowed to sell, but after the surgery can not be given the agency. Spider Calpso knife has been specifically for the British and Swedish markets, but canceled the lock body.

If you want to know the situation of each knife type, you can go to youtube to see, there are many foreign spider blade evaluation video, can increase a lot of understanding, less take detours before buying.

Here are my few spider blades:

Equivalent appearance:


From forum.xitek.com by fruitbear

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