The world’s best EDC tool recommended

First, the first point: we have to know what kind of knife will be produced more popular. Second, what kind of tools are recommended by other tool users? Third, pay more attention to detail, so as to choose their own favorite tool. To be honest, I have read a lot of rubbish!

First, the first point: we have to know what kind of knife will be produced more popular.
Second, what kind of tools are recommended by other tool users?
Third, pay more attention to detail, so as to choose their own favorite tool.

Frankly speaking, I have read many junk essays such as “Best Daily Carrying Swords” / “Best Knife” and I want to put together my own experience and set it as a little story for your reference.

Although I did not check every item in this list, I reviewed the vast majority of these knives. In contrast to spam sites, the author simply reiterates the Amazon comment into a written review, and every knife I recommend is used or used by us.

Not to boast, in fact, I just want you to think about where to get the better information. We certainly are not the only ones writing reviews after using each knife online, in fact there are a lot of great EDC / GM knife commenters & websites doing some awesome knife reviews. Just to make you think, what advice you get is useful.

The best EDC knife with the basic models

This knife is almost always sold out. It can disappear completely on Amazon’s day. It is not even a new knife. In fact, the knife was first introduced in July 2010 and it is still so popular that it is

Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

From the time point of view. Why is this stuff always at the top of the “best EDC” list? First, it is the hardest technical tactical choice on the market today (in my opinion). Does it look like a tactical EDC? It is not. Can it be? Of course! The weird knife on the market is still a daily carrying option. The value of this stock is already far above its category – both in terms of price and how it feels to get started.

In the tableware industry, producers often cater to a particular population in order to stand out. Spyderco, the paramilitary brand, chooses to produce something that is truly purely mainstream – not catered for. “I want a super practical folding US military soldier knife!”

The best EDC knife budget reasonable section

Kershaw Chill This knife is super value for money, and is a model in the minimalist style of the saber master R.JMartin.

Spyderco Tenacious As the cheapest full-size Spyderco models, but has a good mobility and unique Spyderco style, the price is very high.

Spyderco Sage 1 I know this is not the cheapest one, but the explosion of performance is hard to compete with compared to Buck. Fantastic adaptability and high quality materials make it a great place to start.

The best EDC knife lightweight section

The CRKT Ripple is similar to the Spyderco Military and has a nested pad that helps to reduce weight. Thus making it the king of featherweight.

Spyderco Delica 4 I love EDC (and even my favorite). This is a super light knife that will allow your pocket to free up more space.

Spyderco Military I know this will get some questions as it is a 4-inch tactical file folder, but with its nested wire lock & G-10 structure, who is in the lightweight EDC?

Kershaw Skyline I have not tried it yet, but it’s on my list. It is probably the most recommended lightweight edc on the web.

The best EDC fighter section

Cold Steel Recon 1 In my opinion cold steel is the hardest pick. Yes, they have a flyaway marketing gimmick, but if you ignore Lynn Thompson’s funny point I think you’ll find that they are very good, especially considering the price!

Benchmade Adamas It literally means an anchor, which can be used to pry or cut it. It’s fairly casual, and the only thing to worry about is the inability to divide too many things.

Ontario RAT 1 A superb work in the Bucky area, it is well-made and is purely split with paddles and stainless steel bushings.

The best EDC knife tactical models

CRKT Hissatsu Aesthetically, this is my favorite, which gives me a little more prejudice, but I am very pleased with the neutral handling, great penetration and radical design that I should have to carry this for defensive purposes EDC.

Kershaw Leek This may be a surprise, literally it’s a tip. If you drop it vertically, it will pass through your feet.

The best titanium frame lock EDC knife

Spyderco Sage 2 I study Sage for 2 years. This knife is from one of the factories that owns the best blades and the best frame locks in the world. I like it.

Boker Epicenter by Rexford I already own this section. Vanton’s great design landed at a very attractive price point. Historically, it has adapted and corrected all previous issues.

Maxpedition Excelsa I think this is the cheapest option (please correct me if I’m wrong), on the market and from all the reviews I’ve read, it’s a poor version of Sebenza

The best EDC fixed blade neck knife

ESEE Candiru definitely likes this little naughty. The combination of great ergonomics and optional scales exists on the verge of richness.

CRKT Folts Minimalist My most recommended neck knife. When you really, really do not want to be found wearing a knife, this is a good choice. Insert into the flat sheath, it will disappear in your shirt.

H & K Instigator For me, Aesthetics points it all the right places. I think H & K made a home run.

The best EDC left-handed knife

Benchmade Griptilian Benchmade is the top spot here. This is not a suspense, you can easily cope with axle lock; very intuitive, whether you are left or right hand.

Cold Steel Recon 1 It has a pocket clip for left-handed users only. Benefits: Thumb nail and tri-lock for left or right-handed users can use.

The best and most comprehensive EDC knife

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 This is by far the easiest suggestion. I do not need to say, it’s reliable and perfect no doubt. It is flawless for everyone.

Case Swayback Gent To me, it’s the only true gentleman; it makes me smile every time I look at it. Even though its pure performance is not optimal, I just can not help recommending it.

Kershaw Chill simple and unique style far beyond its price, super easy to calm in all aspects of the face, this is definitely one of my favorite sliding into my pocket.

I hope you find what you are looking for, or at least you like, if not, it does not matter! Continue to see our comments below, because there will be more people who recommend love knife EDC knife.

We know that any knife listed above in the commentary section may not have the same one in your mind. If you feel your love knife does not appear in this list, let us know. Let us know the knife, and you And this knife’s story.

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