Top 5 Best knives, each one will never be out of date!

I think the most important feature of the knife is portable. So, the main purpose I give Folding Knife is to carry it, saving space and using it. Although never used before, but also do not want to use, but a knife in hand, by adding a lot of courage and confidence. Sometimes cut a fruit cut a courier what is also convenient.

But there are thousands of knives on the market, but if you want the best (affordable) knives, the following recommended knives for decades will never be a problem. We’ve spent months / years testing these tools, comparing them extensively with their competitors, and in the world of tools they are definitely one of the top folding knives.

Most people nowadays prefer cutting tools to more expensive tools, which in many cases are a reflection of the use of high-performance steel. But often the price increase is not caused by real problems such as – fancy pivot screws, stupid faceted mokuti components and more. If you really want to find a great affordable knife, the following is the best five.

Spyderco Dragonfly II ZDP-189 (perfect)
Spider’s Dragonfly II folding knife is invincible in terms of size, weight, steel and price, not only the overall, each single-piece features are the top one, Dragonfly 2-generation folding edge using advanced stainless steel ZDP189 ( Razor sharp), FRN (fiberglass + nylon) handle material. Not only the weight is very light, moderate size coupled with powerful cutting ability and grip fit the touch, the entire edge presented by the neat, so you see at a glance its extraordinary, more convenient to carry. Price is 68 dollars or so.

Benchmade 940-1 (lightweight design, powerful incomparable)
The classic version of the butterfly 940 knife on the basis of the special edition, 940-1 knife can be said that the prototype 940 an upgraded version, only a little heavier than the above spider. Designed by the famous cobbler OSBORNE. Blade material from S30V to S90V high-carbon steel, more grass-tolerant, the handle is also upgraded from the original aluminum to a full carbon fiber structure. The key is the carbon fiber handle is really attracted me. It can be said that this is the butterfly before the best folding knife. Inverted geometry The blade is very good at the end of the blade to provide more blade thickness, AXIS LOCK axis lock, more solid and easy to use.

LionSteel G10 TRE (exquisite polished, full grip)
When I saw Tre at first glance, it was awesomely polished and exquisitely handled, either in my hand or in my pocket, but very comfortable and full of grip; the design of the quick-opening fin was really Very amazing two people, although this is not the best tool in the world, but it is quite good. The Lockened grips on both the ridges and heavy machinery are very elaborate, and the M390 blade is in some ways “pretty”. It is now priced at $ 225.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 (full performance, easy to carry)
Uphold the concept of continuous improvement of quality CQI – Constant Quality Improvement, Spyderco knife factory ParaMilitary military paratrooper knife for small changes, after the second generation ParaMilitary US paratrooper paratroopers cut the same steel for the CPM-S30V material at the tip A little longer extension, G-10 material handle part for better ergonomic feel slightly fine size, but also the original rope hole expanded to 0.7 cm large diameter. In addition, the original blade back and forth on the slippery groove exposed part of the knife body are also removed. All this change not only retains the original consistent cutting power and sharpness, and performance is more perfect, but also closer to comfortable operating conditions. The S30V version costs $ 109.

Kershaw Skyline (instant classic, value brand)
Kershaw Skyline Folding Knife As the winner of the best Folding Knife Award, this is an excellent Folding Knife and an excellent EDC for about $ 42, at a reasonable price, a few dollars cheaper than the tenacious spider . The pocket clip that comes with the handle can be easily removed from the jeans, and you can put it in your pocket or wallet too. Like most Card Sucks knives, the rugged pad lock is beautifully symmetrical and easy to clean and maintain. There is no auxiliary door opening, just a quick-open fin, and the tool can be opened with one hand. Follow the cutting performance of the best water drop blade edge type, cutting edge sharper, more penetrating force; blade to fine grinding method for grinding, sharp edge with excellent cutting force. When the knife lock is open, you can see the formation of the hand guard device that can be used to protect your index finger safety.

It is true that there are tens of thousands of folding knives in the world, ranging from as little as five dollars of rubbish to high-tech works of art under $ 1,000. I only like the wayward of these five, cost-effective, if you choose any one of five knives, you will not regret it, over the price of quality and performance, is definitely worth having.

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